Bubbles Away Membership Service Plans

Nobody knows how messy dogs can be better than your dog groomer! Bubbles Away Pet Spa is thrilled to be introducing our newest plan, Monthly Spa Memberships!


The Premium Membership for Bath Clients - A monthly service plan geared toward our furry family members who like to get a little messy when they go outside or just plain shed too much! This plan starts at $45 a month, depending on the size and breed of dog, and will make sure your pup is always clean as a whistle. 

The Premium Membership for Bath and Haircut Clients - This monthly full grooming service plan is geared toward those pups that like to always look their best and never want a hair out of place. It includes all of the perks listed above and combines them with a monthly full grooming appointment. Seeing as grooming appointments take the most time, this membership holds the highest priority level when booking. This group has access to pre-booking as well as first choice to styling appointment slots, including those on weekends and near holidays! The membership starts at $70 a month depending on dog size, breed, and coat.

*Membership does not guarantee an appointment. While we reserve slots for members, those appointments are still first come first served to those who qualify.

Premium Membership for Bath clients!

Premium Membership for Bath and  Haircut clients!