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1- Is Bubbles Away taking new clients?

2- What are "Depawsits" and how do they work?

3- Are there any breeds Bubbles Away is not taking?

4- Why must a new client call the salon for their first appointment?

5- How long will my puppy be at the salon?

6- Does Bubbles Away use kennels or is the salon cage-free?

7- Does Bubbles Away take difficult or sedated dogs?

8- Is there a set price list for grooming services?

9- Does Bubbles Away offer day care? What if I cannot return to pick up my dog immediately?

10- What forms of payment does Bubbles Away accept?

11- What if I want something changed on my pet's haircut?

12- Can I request a stylist that I prefer?

13- How do I set up an online portal to book appointments?

14- My dog is matted but I don't want it shaved. Will you brush them out?

1- Yes! Bubbles Away is always looking forward to expanding our family. Depending on the season, there may be a slight wait but it will be worth it.

2- Effective June 1st, 2021, Bubbles Away requires Depawsits to set up appointments for new clientele. Depawsits are a $25 fee to hold an appointment. These fees are fully transferrable to the appointment, however, they are non-refundable for all no shows or cancellations with less than a 24 hour notice. 

3- Bubbles Away is currently not taking any new dogs over 60 pounds. This includes all Giant breeds, standard doodle mixes, long haired shepards ect.

4- In order to properly determine that your furry friend is a good fit with our salon, we require a small phone interview to ensure we can offer the safest and highest quality care. ALL ONLINE BOOKINGS FOR  NEW CLIENTS WILL BE DECLINED.

5- Depending on the size and breed of dog, most small dogs range from 1 to 2 hours, while large dogs range between 2 to 3 hours. For any special needs cases, please alert staff at the time of booking. 

6- For the safety of both our staff and our furry clients, Bubbles Away does have kennels for the time that the dogs are not being actively worked on. We strive to be a by-appointment salon and we give a 15 minute courtesy call before completion to ensure prompt pick up.

7- At Bubbles Away, we understand that some dogs require special care and need extra attention. If your pup has any issues with grooming, please alert staff prior to the grooming appointment. Please note that cases of extreme difficulty will incur a special handling charge. Bubbles Away also does not accept any sedated pets. Pets under sedation will be sent home.

8- At Bubbles Away our clients are priced individually. We do not have a set rate for breeds or size of dog due to the extreme variation from dog to dog. We would be happy to give an accurate price once meeting your fur baby in person. Note, on average, small dogs range from $60-$75 and larger dogs ranging from $85-$150. Specialty haircut requests or behavior issues may cause prices to vary.

9- Bubbles Away is strictly a grooming salon and boutique store. Our facility does not have access to property to allow pets to walk and relieve themselves outside. Therefore, our salon does NOT offer daycare services. We ask that pet parents come back quickly after services are complete to pick up their pup. Re-wash and babysitting charges may be applied to pets left at our facilities for extended periods of time. 

10- We accept all forms of payment at our salon. If paying with card, consider taking advantage of our new pay ahead feature within the portal!

11- We ask that owners be VERY specific about their desires for their fur baby's style. Small and simple changes may be requested up to 24 hours after a service, preferably at pickup, before the pet has left to go home. After 24 hours, a rewash fee will be applied due to our inability to use our tools on hair that contains dirt and oil. Bubbles Away will also follow the directions of those who drop off. If you are sending someone to drop off your pet, they must have instructions. 

12- Absolutely! We encourage personal relationships with our stylists and hope you find the one who's style matches your own!

13- Simple! Click the Book Now button on our appointments page. Once you have reached the portal, simply create your own account by filling in all of the basic information for you and your fur family. Once added into the system, you are in it for good!

14- At Bubbles Away, we understand how quickly your puppy can go from wonderful lengthy locks to a matted mess! We've all been there. That being said, our salon will ALWAYS choose compassion over human vanity. Fur and hair will grow back. De-matting a heavily matted dog is a cruel and painful process. We will refuse service if this is asked of us.

Dog's Portrait
Dog's Portrait
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