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Meet The Stylists


Jayne Gallagher


A dog lover, an artist, and a dog grooming rockstar. 


Shannon McCarthy


Masterful in her craft and backbone of the Salon.


Donovan Gallagher


Compassionate, creative, and a cornerstone of Bubbles Away.


Laynie Zak


A conquer all attitude that brings her art to the next level.


Leslie Clark


Shining example of experience -  Grooming, handling, and breeding.

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Jayne - Who would have thought that someone who grew up in a "No Pets Allowed" household would end up spearheading some of the most iconic grooms in the country. Jayne graduated from the Jersey Shore Grooming Academy in the year 2000, took courses from the prestigious Nash Academy, and took private lessons from top pet stylists and groom team members from around the globe- Olga Zabelinskaya, Riza Wisnom, Vera Dasilva, Sasha Reiss, Jodi Murphy and many more. She marks herself as a perpetual student, always excited to stay sharp in her craft. She is our award winning legend who is known far and wide in the community, even being featured as a competitor in the 2021 cultural phenomenon Pooch Perfect on ABC.  Specializing in creative, freestyle, colorful, asian fusion, poodle, and Bichon styles. 

Shannon - At just 13 years of age, Shannon McCarthy joined her mother, Jayne, at the Jersey Shore Grooming Academy for a tour of the facility. The introduction to the pet styling world lit a spark that could not be extinguished. That year, Shannon became the youngest certified bather in the state of New Jersey. By 18, her fire and talent made her the youngest manager in any corporate grooming salon state wide. By 26, after successfully having opened , staffed, and managed several corporate salons, she made the jump with her mother to start their own business, and do things their way, here at Bubbles Away. Specializing in Shih tzus, Lhasa apso, and Double coated breeds. 

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Donovan - Raised in the pet grooming world, Donovan has seen and done it all. As young as 7, he found himself at international and world renowned trade shows such as Groom Expo and Intergroom. Exposure to the planet's top stylists allowed Donovan to learn and integrate some of the most advanced grooming and bathing techniques into his education. This led to him being hired for preparation work and bathing by groomers such as Jennifer Lee, Jodi Murphy, Lisa Leady, and many others (including his mother Jayne) for private classes, online education, photo shoots, and competition grooming. In 2011, at 17 years old, he officially joined the Bubbles Away family as one of the owners. Featured as a competitor in the 2021 cultural phenomenon Pooch Perfect on ABC. Specializes in Poodles, Labradors, Boxers, and color work. 

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Laynie - Laynie has always had a knack for being creative. She grew up in the human beauty industry, having a successful and talented hair dresser for a mom, and was never afraid to try daring colors and styles on her hair. However, when she attempted to apply those skills on other people, it never felt quite right. The first time she applied her talents on our four legged friends, though, there was an instant connection. Laynie quickly graduated from Corporate grooming education and longed for more. When Laynie came to Bubbles Away, we instantly recognized her talent. Since joining our family in 2017, Laynie has worked to master every new skill we could teach her. Specializes in Poodles, Mixed Breeds, color work, and double coated breeds. 

Leslie - Leslie was born and raised in the animal care industry. She grew up on horse farms across the state working with breeders and veterinarians. When unable to handle the size of the animals in the equine world, but still desiring to work with animals, Leslie joined the competitive world of dog breeding and handling. Her illustrious career allowed her to finish many different breeds including Shih Tzus, Pomeranians, Cocker Spaniels, and German Shorthaired Pointers. Through her  work with other breeders and dog caretakers across the country, she quickly picked up the dog grooming the most advanced techniques in show quality pet grooming. Leslie joined our family in 2015 and shared boundless expertise and knowledge with us and our clients. Specializes in Spaniels and Pomeranians. 

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